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It’s important to regularly check your tyres to ensure that they are safe and roadworthy. At Calmore Service Station we recommend checking your tyre pressure once a month if possible, and your tyre tread every few months to ensure they are all over the legal limit of 1.6mm depth.

If your tyres are overinflated, they will be more prone to wear and damage, and you may have less control of your vehicle due to reduced traction. If your tyres are underinflated, on the other hand, you may notice increased stopping distances and uneven tyre wear.

If you’re concerned about the condition of your tyres, bring your vehicle to our workshop in Totton, Southampton, for a tyre inspection. Whether you need a budget tyre or a premium brand tyre, Calmore Service Station can order them for you, and in most cases, get them in and fitted the same day. Talk to our technicians about the options available to find the best tyres for your vehicle and your budget.

Calmore Service Station is a well-established, popular garage on Calmore Road in Totton, Southampton. We’ve been fixing cars, motorbikes and vans since 1968 and are proud to combine good, old-fashioned values of customer service and quality work with modern technology and methods to provide our customers with unbeatable service and value.

To find out more about Car Tyres in Totton, Southampton, contact us online or call us directly on 023 8086 4424

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